Well the 2018 Arizona Cup is in the books! Record attendance for the Arizona Cup too!
Lots of new faces along with the hard working Pros!
There are a lot of people to thank, you have my deepest gratitude. The Arizona Cup volunteer staff is the best. Special thank you’s to Terry and Diana LaBeau, Mike Cullumber, Bob Pian, Jackie Levario, Steve Yee, Sherry Rhodes, Stanley Cheng, Charles Corridori, Arthur Stanley, Tony Kerby, Andy Neville, Kristy Drew, the entire Judging team, Diane Tone, Krista Colonna, Arizona JOAD Clubs, Dean and Cathy Kieborz, Melanie Bachman (you are very patient sweetie!), The DeMolay’s and the countless others that pitched in.
To the archer’s, we do this for you. Your passion, our passion for this sport has grown it to new heights. Thank you for coming and visiting with us.
Tentative date for the 2019 Arizona Cup is April 4-7, 2019.

results can be found at www.betweenends.com