The Arizona Cup understands that there has been a lot of questions and concerns regarding the hosting of our event. Up until this point, the risk in Arizona was considered low and no restrictions had been imposed. Our greatest concern has been for the well being of all those involved in the Arizona Cup. Our committee has been in constant contact with each other regarding this situation and we have been trying to keep all those contacting us as informed as possible.

We have been researching the option of postponement for the tournament and as of 4:26pm today the Governor of Arizona has placed restrictions on gatherings over 50 and we are now officially calling the April 3-5 event and are considering October 23-25 as a possible option for rescheduling. An official email & survey communication will be sent out within the next couple of hours to all participants.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we have been navigating this unprecedented situation.…/arizona-governor-says-school…Arizona Governor Doug Ducey announced on Sunday the closure of schools, and mass gatherings, events with 50 or more people will be canceled.