In an attempt to minimize the need for individual emails, we wanted to give an update regarding the status of refunds being processed as a result of the possible postponement/cancellation of the 2020 Arizona Cup. We are still actively working out details as to whether or not a rescheduling of the event will take place in October.* We will send out updates as soon as the information is available.

*The event has been officially rescheduled. Please check your email for the updated information regarding refunds.

Refunds are being processed this week, less the fees being charged by the payment processor (Stripe) and by the Sport 80 platform as they are outside of our control. These fees are around 6.2%, sometimes higher for those using international payment methods. We ask for your patience as we work through the list of refunds that have to be done manually. If you have not received notification about your refund via email or as a credit to your card or bank by Friday (3/20) please feel free to contact us.

Some people have expressed a desire to forgo the refund now in the event that we are able to reschedule so they will not lose the fees. We hope to have that information this week so we can hold off on those refunds at this time.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at