**Wednesday (4/7/2021) practice at Ben Avery.**

For those of you planning to head to the range to practice on Wednesday, please take note of the details below.
-The East field (broadhead range) will be open from 7:00am-3:00pm for paid practice. 50/60/70 meter distance available on bales 75-88 w/ target faces. Limited bales available (5 – 50M, 4 – 60M, 4 – 70M). Archers MUST reserve their spot and pre-pay the daily shooting fee to practice on this range. BASF maintains a headcount of all people on the grounds so please register for adult archers ($8), youth (free), and supervision (free) or you will be subject to citations. https://bookben.azgfd.com/product/archery/

– There is no shooting permitted on lanes 89-105. Please do NOT move stands or target butts from their current position.

– Please make sure that all bottles, wrappers, food bags, etc (trash) are placed in the barrels provided at the back of the canopy area. There was trash left at the range this weekend which reflected poorly on our user group. Please pick up after yourselves prior to leaving the range.

**Thursday (4/8/2021) practice at Ben Avery.** 10am-4pm

Archers DO NOT need to reserve their spot or check in at the Clay Target Center when arriving. Please proceed directly to the Main field where the AZ Cup Check in Tent is located. You will receive your prepaid wristband there that allows you access to the Main or East field to practice.

-Archers will need to shoot 1 person per bale on the line at a time. Masks will need to be worn when not on the line.

-We have 105 lanes set at 50/60/70M distances, however, you *may* need to wait for a spot on the range to open if a bale is not available right away when you arrive.